• The side edge does not cut anymore
  • The blood supply to the arm is no longer restricted
  • The arm is slightly raised in the direction of the bridge and strumming position, no bend
  • Forearm floats freely over the top, the soundboard vibrates freely and sounds better
  • Playing with a bare arm is no longer a problem (arm does not stick)
  • Assembly with special double-sided adhesive tape by 3M
  • Concert guitar, slim model (suitable for all GEWA concert guitars and many other models)
  • As the body shape is not standardised, try the support on before fixing it in place
  • Height ca. 10,6 mm, total length ca. 255 mm
Art.-No. Description RRP
536.100 Mahogany 31.00 EUR
536.102 Maple natural 31.00 EUR
536.104 Cherry natural 31.00 EUR
536.106 Purple Heart 31.00 EUR
536.108 Acacia 31.00 EUR
536.110 Ovangkol 31.00 EUR
536.112 Ebonized matt-black 31.00 EUR

Tutti i prezzi sono IVA incl.

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