• Acousticon body
  • Black Suede Symmetry head
  • Tunable
  • Wider shell design for further projection
  • Rubber feet

For over 50 years Remo has been the pre eminent manufacturer of drum heads. Each head is made to meet the demands of different musical styles like Jazz, Rock, Pop, R&B, Hip-Hop, Latin and those of the marching, concert and percussion world. Remo heads can be found on more than 90% of all drumsets worldwide.

Exklusive distribution for: Germany, Austria, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Spain

Distribution in Romania

Art.-No. Description RRP
832.091 Red DJ-7113-60 522.00 EUR
832.093 Green DJ-7113-61 522.00 EUR
832.095 Brown DJ-7113-62 522.00 EUR

Tutti i prezzi sono IVA incl.

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